Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Confusion of the Moment: Muslims, Cartoons, and Ferries.

I rarely comment here at The Thing of the Moment on things like this although I freely run my mouth in person but I really think Muslims ought to show more concern for the fact the crew of the Egyptian Ferry locked women in their cabins from the outside in order to 'maintain modesty' than they do for some stupid Danish cartoons and burning down the Danish Embassy.

Can we really take a culture like this seriously?

I'm needing some help and perspective with this.


Sand Monkey

Freedom for Egyptians


  1. I don't have any problem taking them seriously... they have bombs and aren't afraid to use them.

    But understand them? Never. I'm just so grateful I wasn't born as a woman into that culture.

  2. I agree with Dawn, we must take these extremists seriously as a threat. But that doesn't mean we should embrace their values. I will not. I can not.

    Tony Blair's words ring as true now as they did last July: "Whatever they do, it is our determination that they will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear in this country and in other civilised nations throughout the world."

  3. Actually, in the article you link to they say it was not known why the women were locked in but it could have been because they had reacted hysterically to the fire announcement.

    But to lock them in the cabins is just an extension of the Muslim approach of masculinity overpowering the feminine on an as they feel like it basis.

  4. "As passengers began to panic, he said, “crew members locked up some women in their cabins.” He did not explain if the women were confined as a matter of modesty or because they were causing a disturbance. Some survivors said a number of women were screaming when the first was first reported."

    I stand corrected.

    How can anyone hate the Danes? The French, I can understand. But not the Danes.

  5. You can take them as a personal threat but one cannot seriously believe they threaten the american way of life or can damage us as a country in any way.

    Wait. I take that back. In an indirect way they can threaten our value system. That is because our reactions to what they do can be outside our value system - ie. spying on citizens without a warrent and the jewels in the so called Patriot Act.

    As Benjamin Franklin said:
    Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

  6. I thought it was Queen Amidala who said that.

    AND, if they were creating a disturbance and screaming, I may owe my Muslim brothers an apology.

  7. If I were on a sinking boat a long way from shore, I'd be screaming too, but to lock someone in a cabin on a ship in trouble is just wrong.

    The culture is confusing from an western perspective. The real problem, in my opinion, is extremism. The limited view and focus of any extremists, no matter the cause, does not provide effective responses or solutions to real world situations. There is a lengthy, but interesting article here that discusses Islamic extremism and the authors opinion of why current efforts to deal with it are not effective.

    Bah, that was boring. What we need now are some good cartoons to, you know, lighten the mood.

  8. OK, here's an editorial cartoon from Toronto's Globe and Mail, Saturday, 4 Feb 2006:

  9. The Confusion of the Moment: Muslims, Cartoons, and Ferries.

    comments in your blog about the ongoing controversy about about Danish cartoons. Madam. what they call freedom of press is in reality a blatant way of hurting the cherished beliefs of someone. Muslims hold Mohammed in the highest of esteem, and if someone ridicules that person - then he will have to face the music. As regards your comments about women modesty - the respect that women get in Islamic society is unimaginable by you. In Muslim society a husband is bound by religion to provide for all requirements of a women : a wife lives like a princess here. So - the news about locking of doors from outside is just a fabrication.

    There may be bad Muslims and people misusing the name of Islam - but the religon of Islam as a concept and practical application is really great. Please tae out some time to study about Islam. I can send you some great wedsites if you are interested.

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