Friday, February 17, 2006

Re: Your Phone Call

You know how sometimes you get invited out, and you can't make it for some reason or another and then later in the evening the group decides, after a few drinks, it would be fun to call you and try to talk to you from someone's cell phone which clearly doesn't have enough bars from a place that is way too loud and the conversation pretty much consists of "Whaaaat", "This is who???" as the phone gets passed around from person to person? One small slice of the conversation that WAS understandable went something like this...

" *noise* and I want you to put *unintelligible* your blog! Can you HEAR? *someone laughing in the background*.........A PICTURE! I DARE....*someone grabbing at the phone and saying 'Let me talk to him'* So when I look at your site in the morning, it better be there!!"

I think this is what Gentle Viewer, coworker, and party attender HBird was talking about.

UPDATE: And now thanks to Gentle Viewer Toady Joe, HBird will have a new nickname - 'Happy Eye Candy For The Masses'.


  1. JKirlin, you are many things...subtle you are not.

  2. ... and if that WASN'T what hbird was talking about? Well, it's all good! :)

    Happy eye candy for the masses. Now that's what I'M TALKIN ABOUT!

  3. She's beautiful. Why is this her first time on your blog? You are putting up mouse bones? I want to see more of HER! Don't tell my wife. :)

  4. You musn't ever speak ill of mouse bones!

  5. In fairness to Leilouta there was no explanation besides the title when she commented.