Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Crew of The Giant Gondola Wheel.

As many Gentle Viewers know, in the summer I make a nuisance of myself at the local fairground and chase carnies around until they make nice timeless poses for me like this one. Each crew took a few moments out of a very busy tear down for their group photos. It's sort of Susan Adcock of Cliffhanger-ish.


  1. My favorite photo to date. It tells a story.

  2. very awesome! Never really thought to take a pic of the carny workers. I love the way its not in color too! wonderful shot!

  3. Ah, the glitz and glamour that IS the life of the carny. Long have I listened to their tales of romance and adventure on the state fair circuit, transfixed by their stories of the trials and tribulations of their struggle to...

    Wait a minute. That wasn't me.

  4. That is a sweet picture, JKirlin!!

    At first I thought they were a band.
    Hey...they could be a band, no?

  5. Great pic! I want the beard of the man sitting front left!