Sunday, February 19, 2006

You Can Have Your Alien and Your Sasquatch Photos

Me cooking a meal at home? A REAL photographic challenge. Posted by Picasa


  1. what is that, pasketti? raaaavioli? tortilinis?

  2. Hang on...I'll go dig through the trash... be right back....

    Bertagni Three Cheese Tortellini, From The Oldest Filled Pasta Producer in Italy.

    A dude in a chef hat who looked like he had been recently downsized from Bank of America was giving out little samples at the end of the Spaghetti-O aisle and since I ate a know...

    Erik, I like how posting photos of something that APPEARS edible brings you out like the Bat Signal.

  3. I thought it looked suspiciously like Kraft Dinner.

  4. Kraft Dinner? Who do you think I am? Julia Child??

    I boil. I don't mix.

  5. I hope you downed it with a nice glass of Hawaiian Punch. Cheers to dinners under a buck.

  6. Plain and simple, I like this picture. :)

  7. That is a freaky clean stove, huh? Clearly, he really doesn't mix. I question whether he really boils, either.

    I'll bet he heats up reall good, though. ;-)

  8. I noted the "cleanitude" of you stove too! The proof that you really don't cook at home! LOL
    Hey, congratulation! I think we all started with pasta. Next step: THE OVEN! (No it's not the next Stephen King' book.) Did you know that you could open that window in front of your stove?
    And I'm also very impress by the fact that you can cook AND shoot pic in the same time! Wow! :-OOOOOO

  9. Really coooool perspective on this shot is all I'm thinking of. And is the end of that wooden spoon a bit charred by having been too close to the fire at one point? Just checking!

  10. ri papa: in Orange! Yum!

    kalani: It's the domesticity that turns you on, isn't it?

    Leilouta: It has very low miles. :)

    wrath: My microwave is pretty ugly.

    clo: I thought that was where dirty dishes were hidden.

    ginnie: No, the pampered chef bamboo spoon (in a set of three) gets treated very nicely. It's all in the lighting.

    tudor: And totellini!