Monday, December 25, 2006

And It Came To Pass

Before you go getting all soft, just remember, this is from a Gideon's bible ripped off from a hotel room in Las Vegas. Posted by Picasa


  1. Is there an index in the front saying things like, 'Christmas stuff.......Page 2052' or how did you even find the right passage? Were you an altar boy?

  2. Merry F'ing Christmas! Even Jesus was taxed!

  3. Why aren't I surprised?

  4. The Gideons put those in the hotel rooms so they will get taken - then read later.

    It looks like you found the correct passage. If you tried John 1:1-8 you would see adifferent kind of Chrismas story - when compared with "Away in the Manger" John looks like something from Stephen Hawking...

    Nice Job.


  5. no matter where you "ripped" it off from still the time to turn to the page, the thought invoved to even do so, and the shot itself still says ..."softee" (smile) well atleast a little sentiment anyway.. Happy New Year!

  6. I have the same one we all take the bibles from hotels, that is what they are there for. Personal growth/

  7. nothing: I was, but the terms of my settlement with the Diocese states that I can't discuss it. Heh heh. KIDDING. I had a paper route. So I was abused by the Bangor Daily News, not the Church.

    today joe: No need to be afraid. Yet.

    mj: Because you know I'm a bible-toting gunslinger.

    brad: I KNEW they were gifts like the soap and shampoo! And Yeah, John was a little techy. I knew it wasn't the one that Linus had read in the Peanuts Christmas Special. I wanted to post from the book of Revelations but it felt wrong for the Holiday.

    kimberly: it's how I soften up my one true love, the ladies.

    lance: And they look COOL.