Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Behold yon old school Boston Subway token. Taken with the fairly decent 18-55 mm kit lens that comes standard on the Rebel XTi. This is as Macro as it gets.
Behold yon old school Boston Subway token with the *ahem* Shallow DOF with Macrobation tool #1. Yeah. Yer digging it. Yer feeling it. You are kindly ignoring the vignetting, unless you like that, then please, by all means, pay attention to it.
Ok, now this is Macrobation for Macrobation's sake. Macrobation tool #2 gives you such a shallow DOF that it just gets silly. Admirable, but silly. Plan on being seriously abused by it here on The Thing of the Moment.

(This post dedicated to S. Patrick Kaine: Father, Husband, Photographer, Blogger, Gentle Viewer, Commentor, and now when I tell him how I did these - Fellow Macrobator.)

Submitted to Macroday: Mobile because...ummm...a subway token let's you be more mobile? Yes? No? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


  1. Won't you go blind if you macrobate too much??

  2. OK, give it up.

    I want to mastur, I mean Macrobate too.

    Why do you tease me like this?

  3. Me too! You already know how much I... ummm....

    You know what. Just tell me how to do this photographic technique.

  4. Hey, if it feels good, do it! I say macrobate to your heart's content! Just as long as you keep letting us watch.....