Monday, December 04, 2006

Merry Christmas, from the Taylors

Doesn't everyone have a Chuck Taylor Converse All Star Christmas Wreath? Posted by Picasa


  1. kirlin its huntin' season where's the camo shoe?

  2. I want to see your Chuck Taylor Converse All Star Advent Crown, where you set one shoe on fire every Sunday until Christmas. Start with the stripey ones.

  3. lets see... you are missing the camo ones, the red white and blue ones, hum... oh did you know you can design your own...

  4. I love it. That's really funny.

    ... but, those are all yours?!

    Or were you at a store? Please tell me you were at a store.

  5. you have almost as many shoes as Imelda Marcos ;) now I know where kkirlin gets her desire to have her own pair of Chuck Taylors. Pink of course

  6. Very creative :) Now I am thinking about taking a similar picture of my own shoes.

  7. miss kelly: I can't wear the camo ones because I watch my feet when I walk, if I can't see them, I tend to trip.

    nothing: You should have had some of my Converse Turkey at Thanksgiving! It was a bit chewey but the stuffing was divine.

    jik: That is COOL! KNOW I'm going to get some of those next.

    luminouslens: Yeah, I was at the Used Converse Chuck's in size 11 Store. Buck a Chucks.

    leilouta: Ooooo...DO!

    or so I thought: It DOES!

    zbjernak: And a wise investment.

    3LK: I will be mocked when my country is overthrown.

  8. I WANT THIS SHOT...hahahha soooo very cool. I have a pink pair that are just about worn out...I've had them since I was in the 9th grade size 3 and a half and I can still wear them...Love this shot makes me think of the Younger times...