Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Free* White Christmas Holiday Template

Print several of these and tape them to your window if, like here, it's POURING rain today with no hint of snow for DAYS.

(* Offer void at Denver International Airport) Posted by Picasa


  1. I think people down here would be confused seeing that white stuff! :-)

  2. Wow -- I woke up to another inch of snow on the ground this morning so I went skiing where the base was about 190 inches "sigh" And you say all it does is rain here. Not true, it blows, snows,freezes over and sometimes it floods.

  3. Check this out:

  4. laanba: They'd think it was evidence of a coke bust tossed out the window. They'd freeze their noses snorting it.

    spk: Call now!

    tmt: And smites, don't forget smites.

    spk: Now I have aerial envy

  5. Yea...I'm missing the white stuff, too. (And by white stuff I meant snow...REALLY)