Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"Hurry UP, You Fool!"

Tammy stepping outside the door into a blizzard for a quick photo. (Not quick enough for her)

Second in an adjunct series to the People at Work® series; People With Whom I Work®

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  1. Come back next week to see another of Kirlin's Kyoot Kolleagues® underneath the wheels of his car for the meme theme 'accident'

  2. it was 75 degrees here today :D

  3. nothing: Like last year??

    jik: I'd burst into flames. It wasn't even 75 here on the 4th of July

  4. As the statistician for The Thing of the Moment, we regret that jkirlin's comment about the temperature in Bangor last July 4th was incorrect. We apologize for the error. In actuality, it hit 82 degrees F on that day, according to National Weather Service records for Bangor. During the month of July, the temperature reached 75 or higher all but 3 days, with a high of 91 on July 26. All but 5 days in August were also 75 or higher, with a high of 90 on August 9.

    Perhaps jkirlin was referring to temperatures in his air-conditioned abode.

    BTW, a high of 45 is predicted for today. It is currently overcast, with a temperature of 41. But it can get bitterly cold. Low temperatures for the last 6 days have been 18, 17, 22, 18, 14 & 13, with 2 inches of snow last Saturday.

    We now return to the regularly scheduled comments.

  5. Hi, it's the girl from Colorado again. This has nothing to do with this picture, but every time I see the title for your blog I always get the song "(It was the)Heat of the Moment" stuck in my head. Maybe that's not the title but just the chorus, and I think it was from the 80's, but there you go. :)

  6. Anon; that's the title and the chorus, by a group called Asia, whom I confused with Toto a lot...absolutely 80's!