Thursday, December 07, 2006

I Love Uranus

There is a scale model of the Solar System spread out over 40 miles of Aroostook County in Northern Maine. As regular science loving Gentle Viewers know, Uranus is my favorite planet and I know more about Uranus than I do any other planet. I now present in Middle Schooler-like glee

Things you may or may not know about Uranus.

Did you know Uranus is a blue gassy giant?
Did you know Uranus is a giant ball of frozen methane?
Did you know Uranus is encircled by a dusty ring?
Did you know Uranus is hard to see.
Did you know Uranus has hidden secrets?
Did you know Uranus is tilted on it's side?
Did you know Uranus is unusual?
Did you know Uranus has only been visited by one spacecraft?
Did you know Uranus is the size of 4 Earths?
Did you know Uranus has 27 moons?
Did you know Uranus from a hole in the ground?

...wait...that wasn't right....

Now we can add...

Did you know Uranus has a big iron pole jammed in it?

I can't believe you have wasted this much time here. Shoo from the Thing of the Moment, I beseech you! Go here and check out the GREATEST science video EVER from a like-minded scholar! You will come back and thank me.

Update! Gentle Viewer and frequent commenter Steph brings up a good point which leads to a new line...

Did you know Uranus can be enlarged by clicking on it?


  1. There are CHILDREN who are less childish than you. :-)

  2. click image to enlarge.

    ha... that's what he said.

    good stuff.

  3. HA! I haven't had this much fun since that SNL skit about cork soakers.

  4. I really don't think I have anything better to say than you already did.

    Except that maybe you should consider some therapy.

  5. When I read your anus facts, I mean Uranus facts out loud to my family of boys, I was crying from all the laughter.

  6. cryden: The inverse is also true.

    or so I thought: A NEW ONE!

    Did you know Uranus can be enlarged by clicking on it?

    I never get tried of those. Which is why, I think, I can never find anyone to go on long car trips with me.

    gary: Now I'm going to have to scour YouTube.

    spk: speech therapy?

    susan d: Did you know Uranus makes you cry from laughter? :)

  7. Without sounding like a broken record..I cant decide which I like more your funny words or your great shots never the less the cobonation of the two make for a great blog...

  8. Why is the Starship Enterprise like toilet paper?

    They both circle Uranus looking for Klingons.

    Sorry - bad joke told to me by my 12 year old niece.