Saturday, December 16, 2006

Introducing The Thing of the Moment: Two Point Oh

The Thing of the Moment is 2 years old today so I asked The Thing of the Moment what it wanted for it's birthday and the sweet little devil said it wanted a little brother!

Lorissa (the nicest owner/operator/customer serivce person on the internet. Think of Bill Gates answering his own phone and being nice and helpful) and the folks at My Expressions have consistently impressed me with their kindness and helpfulness to a noncustomer photoblogger, and the fact that they can even make The Shade Replied look good made me think I ought to give them a try.

But prior to that, personal trainer torekimi suggested that if I want to have someplace to show my GOOD images (aren't they ALL good?) that maybe I want a place with fewer Uranus jokes.
So now you dSLR snobs, a One Photo per Post snobs, and anti-blogger snobs, and EXIF data snobs, and Uranus joke snobs (Oh, no, that's ME) can have your own little The Thing of the Moment. Also affectionately known as

The old The Thing of the Moment? Now also known as (Thanks go to the webmasters at the John J Kirlin Construction Company in Maryland and various cybersquatters for not renewing the name AGAIN)


  1. Hey. Didn't you say Laanba of was instrumental in you getting set up? Credit where credit's due, Kirlin.

  2. You should call it The Thing of the Moment Emo edition.

  3. As opposed to this, The Thing of the Moment Elmo edition, because it's all cute and funny and stuff.

  4. First: You are so cool, aren't you Mr. jkirlin?

    Second: I can't comment on the new site - and that just won't do. The only reason I come here is to leave little peanut gallery messages that keep you up at night thinking of better things to post.

    Third: There is no feed on the new blog, so I can't subscribe to it in my hand-dandy google reader. WHY JEFF, WHY?

    Lastly, it looks like santa was out drinking again and the Mrs. gave him a little "reminder" that she is still the boss.

  5. sorry to go off topic, but i heard uranus is the best!