Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dan Rayner: The Man Behind the Lens Cap

Dan's a real Mainer. Besides our day gig, Dan also digs worms, clams, cuts those birch things that people use for something. He may have also been a fir tipper at one point. I can't keep all those other job straight. He's also got a landscaping gig on the side with his brother that they call Rayner Shine. He once photographed Martha Stewart with his cell phone and was then put out because she got annoyed after his request for a 4th take.

First in a series of images belonging to an adjunct project to the People at Work® Series. People With Whom I Work®. Posted by Picasa


  1. Them's great horns Dan has growing out his head. Is it something to do with the night-shift?

  2. Ooo, he's KYOOT.

    Sub-adjunct project: KYOOT people with whom JKirlin works! *bite*

  3. nothing: Are you mocking my bad bokeh? Or Dan's horns?

    Toady: His coworkers are much kyooter!

    anon: Another round of smelling salts.

    calvin: Now let's find a video of HIM.