Friday, December 01, 2006

Orrin and Krystal

Above is one of my most popular and commented upon portraits and it had nothing to do with any photography skill (or lack thereof) on my part. But just 2 damned good subjects. Anyone who saw this and mentioned them to me always asked who they were and I had to tell them I had no idea.

Until tonight.

My niece Sara called and "I think I found that guy on your blog but I'm not sure." Now I was a little skeptical because, well, how could you be mistaken? She had her rook pierced and then was home and just looking through The Thing of the Moment like a good niece does and saw the photo of the egress thing.

She encouraged me to stop by the tattoo/piercing joint and see and sure enough, she was right.

I introduce to you, Orrin Nilsson and Krystal Raczkovy. They are local body piercers and she a tattoo artist and they can be found here: Riverview Tattoo

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  1. I didn't know Sara played chess.... why would she have her rook pierced and how did she choose which one?;)
    Sara your braver than me :)