Saturday, December 09, 2006

Now You Tell Me.

So I'm discussing a zoom lens I got for the Rebel XTi with lens and dSLR snob, luminouslens, and mention how it absurdly takes macros at the 200 to 300 mm range. So you have to be like 6 feet away to get a good macro and I ask why anyone would want to have to do that. And she says...

"That's how people take photos of bees and things."


Ooooooooh! You, bastards.

Here was MY OLD technique.

Submitted to Macroday: Head.

(Trying to resist lame 'little head' jokes so close to the Uranus post)

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  1. But where is the trill, the fear, the fever, the adrenaline!!!!!! I prefer the old way...