Saturday, September 17, 2005

Abraham Lincoln, Photoblogging Pioneer

Reposted in honor of 1500 posts, a totally lame benchmark.

Washington D.C.
April 1863
My Dear Mr. Matthew Brady,
I very much enjoyed your daguerrotypes and felt the need to let you know with this letter. When this war is over, I hope to cross this undivided country by rail and enshrine forever images of what God hath wrought before they perish from this Earth. Perhaps even one day, I shall transmit my images across the telegraph so that they may be shared freely and openly. Under a Creative Commons License, of course.
Abraham Lincoln
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  1. i think that dude with the tall hat is my grandpa! Did you take this?

  2. The power of Abe has let you move through time and post this pic two days from now! I am very impressed!

  3. The power of Abe also allows me to post-date checks and find pennies.

    All Hail Photoblogger Abe

    He also gets trapped kittens down from trees and is the finder of lost earings.

  4. Haha! This is wonderful. How did you pull this off?

  5. I know a guy who is a Night Security Guard over at the National Archives. He owed me a gambling debt and gave me this, some personal letters of Lincoln's, a desk made by Thomas Jefferson, a small chunk of moon rock, and glasses that once belonged to FDR. Do not be alarmed though, he said he got all the stuff on eBay. And who am I to quibble with such a bad poker player.

  6. Hey, the same thing happenned to me on ebay... Found a quantum torpedo, a transporter (small one), two klingons "bathleth" and a book about gardening. Cooooool! Bye the way, Sir Abe is one of my personal favorite Americain. To bad I didn't get the time machine... :0D

  7. Very interesting stuff here. Keep up the good work.


    Abraham Lincoln Jr.
    honest abe