Friday, September 23, 2005

Burning the Blueberry Fields

Reposted for Photo Friday: Burn

Min's comment made me go back and look at the photo. She's right. For some reason this is a color negative of the original photo. Picasa must have burped or something. The original photo can be found here.


  1. You know, I never knew they burnt off the blueberry fields. Is that normal?

  2. Wow. It's actually blue. On my screen anyway.

    What do they have against blueberry fields??

  3. It is a necessary thing to encourage the plants to put out the most blossoms. See the fact sheet from the University of Maine, in particular the section on Burning, at

    The original photos were posted on 3/12/05. Check the archives to see the rest of them.

    We have a large 'pine bush' natural area in my town (Colonie, NY) that they have to burn, section by section every few years, for the same reasons. They just have to be careful of wind conditions, lest it get out of control (which it has in the past!)

    Great shots, JKirlin!

  4. Heh heh...that was Tom W, the official archivist and location advisor here at The Thing of the Moment.

  5. one of my personal favorites from you in a while
    OH! dude, your ground is hot!!

  6. Holy cripes, burp or not, I'm in love with this picture. I love the colors.

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  8. I think this looks better then the original. The colors in it are striking. Deffinatly a favorit of mine as well.

  9. i like both. very cool.

    and i'm really curious about the deleted comment

  10. trout: it's smokin'.

    erik and andromeda: I toil like aslave trying to provide you with quality photography and you only like my screw ups. Heh heh

    or so i though: I'm partial to both, too. The deleted comment was a death threat. No biggy.

  11. I like the colors a lot.

    There is a yearly burn of the prairies in Fermi lab out here. Fire is a natural weeder. The reason being the prairie plant roots go deeper than the European weed roots so the prairie plants survive the fire.

    On a separate note: If you walk thru there afterwards you find quite a few animal skeletons. I even found a deer leg - but that is a whole other story and I just ate and dont want to go there right now.