Wednesday, September 14, 2005


It was right at this moment, in this park, a fraction of a second after the pain from bumping his head on the bottom of this slide grew to overwhelm his senses and inhibitions that I learned that little 2 year old gkirlin had, indeed, mastered the "f word".


  1. And who, may I ask, could this little darling's 'master' be? Hmmmm? :)

  2. ... the same moments all around the world ... :o))) FromBelgiumWithLove clik&clak you are welcome :o)

  3. great pic! kids swearing are HILARIOUS!! tho i know they shouldn't be encouraged i still think it's funny...

    happy hnt!

  4. This is a great photo. I love seeing photos of people who have certain events occur unto them, and the cameraman has captured the moment right before the reaction time elapses.

    Too bad about his boo-boo, though :-\

  5. Awe...
    I can just see you there, camera purchased, just waiting to capture this moment forever! (makes you glad it was a camera and not a tape-recorder huh?)
    Great picture!

  6. min: my foul mouthed brother. heh heh

    goldo: what's the 'f word' in Belgian?

    Scott&Julia: Thanks, but I'm ok. It was my nephew who whacked his noggin.

    clara*: it is, isn't it? Especially when they have the subtle nuances down pat.

    erik: It DOES have a certain Zapruder Film element to it, doesn't it?

    addict: shots like this make it all worth it.

  7. hahahah baby learn fast...

    tht will be be there and hear it

  8. Now that he is the ripe old age of 3 he has toned down his colorful language some;) After he mastered the "f word" by itself he then added "what the f***! he now says "heck!" in it's place but his favorite new one is "HOLY SH**!" thanks Uncle Jeff!:)

  9. You know, it's partly your commentary that makes your photoblog so much fun to stop by!

    Hope little Kirlin's ok.