Friday, September 30, 2005

Unfortunate News

Doctor: "I'm sorry Mr. JKirlin, but there is no genetic match between you and your nephew, the organ transplants you've requested would fail."

Patient JKirlin: "Sadly, I found that out years ago."

I can imagine this conversation someday.

Yes, Gentle Viewers, tonight I learned during this soccer game that yet another nephew will be an unsuitable match for any organs I should need.

The Kirlin Sports Gene triggers a DUCK AND COVER reaction when faced with a threat such as this.

He doesn't have it.

All that money spent on the little organ farms for naught.

Now all my hope rests in the red headed devil.


  1. Are you sure you can't do this Jkirlin!

  2. I just have to say I bet these kids think you're the best uncle ever. They are lucky kids to have you in their lives.

  3. This is a great picture and it was such a good game! Z was a little sad at the end because he couldn't stop the winning goal (not for lack of trying!)But his philosophy is "competing is what is fun, winning is just a bonus!"
    He informed me of this little fact when he was 11 !
    Oh yeah and the "red headed devil" will surely say "you want me to give you one of my perfectly healthy kidneys that are a perfect match to your ailing one!NEVER!!!!!muuuahahahaha!";)

  4. sidney: there is nothing at all in my physical make up or the acuity of my sense which would allow this. Sometime I jump a little after the fact but I'd never get what one would generously call 'air'.

    kalani: They ARE! I know it! ;)

    3LK: All he'd be able to say is mmmpphhmmphphphhmpphh because of the gag.

  5. That kid has skills that picture Is awsome. Ya baby I rock I can stop a ball I rock.I have skills brother. There is one thing I have alwasys told myself when I am in goal I can do it I can stop anything. There is one more saying i like to say if you can see the invisioble you can see the impossible.

  6. zj it's "If you can see the invisible you can ACCOMPLISH the impossible" Can you tell he's a teenager?