Thursday, September 08, 2005

I Said, "SMILE!", DAMN IT!

Then I wonder why people are freaked out when I ask if I may take their picture... Posted by Picasa


  1. Kirlin, I think this could qualify for HNT. You have nice man hands. And I like the tattered yellow hat, where is George?

  2. Oh and I used your sexy man legs for my HNT today, hope you don't mind.

  3. Kalani: I *AM* the man in the Yellow Hat. And you can use my legs for anything you like. That was a great post. You pnaderer. Heh heh

    Erik: Is the HNT theme this week, Yer Red Ear?

    jenn see: The proximity, or the spits that flies from my mouth when I scream?

    jm: Helf Nek...oh..ok.

    jm: You think it's scary to look at? Just TRY wearing that head for a day.

  4. Kalani: NICE MAN HANDS? I have hands that do not belong on an adult male. They look identical to infant hands only larger. My wedding ring was a 14. And it was SNUG (Not that I had any trouble removing it...heh). My friend Paul used to call waitresses over and then grab my hand and hold it out and say...Doesn't his hand look like a babies hand? And they'd always say the same DOES. And then hurry away hoping that would end a bizarre interaction yet still retain their tip. I once saw another photo like this where I'm holding my Kodak camera which is smaller and held differently and thought someone had draped a small bunch of flesh colored bananas over my camera when I wasn't looking.

  5. Dude! You will so have to post a picture of your nonman hands for HNT next week then. From what I saw they looked nice and big, thick even. Just the way I like them. Ok this is starting to sound dirty I better stop. ;)