Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"expression is the need of my soul " - archy the cockroach, a former vers libre bard.

Name and Date etched into a Concrete Wall of a Belltower.

This was left by my father who had just become the Maintenance Director of Saint John's Catholic Church. He retires this year and I went to the Bell Tower once more and for the final time as my access will soon be severely limited by not having an 'in'. The opposite wall has older names of some of the prominent Irish Catholic families in the parish.

This is the first of a short series of photographs on the non verbal communication of the most primal of messages: "I Was Here."

Other photos are here, here, and of course, here.

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  1. I look forward to this series. And the new digs look nice.

  2. hehehe I bet your dad has left his name all over the church, rectory,school, and convent :)

  3. My name appears a couple of times in the attic of my High School.

  4. We all try to leave our mark, one way or another. I like that you told us something of the story behind this one. Neat!

  5. that's a great theme. it's what photographs are, too, in a way.

  6. kalani: thanks. I just repainted and got new drapes.

    3LK: This was the only thing he wrote on a wall that I could post on a family oriented blog.

    Erik: And on the Detention Hall of Fame, no doubt. Or is it Science Fair?

    alexandra: Remember last winter when I left my mark on the snowbank? ;)

    jenn see: It is, indeed, my little friend.