Friday, March 10, 2006

"All My Life My Heart Has Sought A Thing I Can Not Name" - Line from a poem I can't remember.

A secretary I once worked with had this on her desk. It's a small pen holder made out of a plastic frozen concentrated orange juice container with 29 cent Wood Duck stamps that she pulled off the mail that came into the office glued to it. I kept bugging her for it and she always said "No." but as she was packing up to take a new position she dumped the pens into her bag and tossed it to me saying that she was keeping the pens.

In the end this wasn't it, but it was close.


  1. Strangely moving. The picture would be nothing without the story, the story would be nothing without the title. And it wouldn't be nearly as interesting if you could remember the poem.

    Yes. I like.

  2. Nice to see you are still around!
    He,he... nice quote. I would call it my duck box ;-)

  3. I made a pen holder like that when I was a kid. Soup can with stamps on it. They were mostly Christmas stamps, if I remember.

  4. It was pointed out to me by Gentle Viewer KJ that the line was repeated by Hunter Thompson where I most certainly must have picked it up. I steal from the late Good Doctor at nearly every turn.

  5. The poem doesn't exist, it's a quote from Hell's Angels by Hunter S Thompson.