Saturday, March 18, 2006


Shamelessly reworked and reposted because it's not like It's Star Wars Epsiode I or IV or A New Hope or ...uh....whatever.

Update: Coincidentally, speaking of Star Wars episode IV, A NEW HOPE, has anyone seen it?

Not the movie, the DVD, MY DVD, I can't find it. I've only got the empty case.


  1. It looks like someone has just gotten Photoshop. Am I right?

  2. Cryden IS very clever! :) In fact, it looks like an episode of Mission Impossible... Welcome to the gang, Photoshop addict!!!

  3. Summer is sooooooooo close yet sooooo far! The Good Humor teases us out here in the willywags. They speed down the road with their "ice cream song "blaring and they are laughing! They never have any intension of stopping!

  4. This image is great! It really captures what it was like for me when I missed the Icecream man as a child. I would run inside, beg my mother for money and sprint out only to watch it disappear around the corner. I could hear the music fading away and tears would collect in my eyes. It was like the end of the world for me at age 7.

  5. That WOULD make a great movie or TV show...

  6. I think it's under your couch.

  7. Cryden: It was a gift from your Mrs.

    mp: Don't encourage him.

    3LK: Do they play Turkey in the Straw or The Entertainer?

    Clarity25: They train the drivers on evasive driving tricks to avoid children. The ice cream man who comes puts on the most miles and comes back with the most ice cream WINS!

    mr fab: a killah reality show.

    wrath: Care for a rocket cone?

    calvin: And discreet. You can barely see it.

    cryden: Found it. Thanks. Hey..waaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiit.....

  8. This is sooooo good Jeff, really wonderful! The action (and strategic lack thereof) is super!

  9. I love this one...... me too..........wait!
    Hey I see that merlin princess is here, this MUST be a good place. ; )

    The Tart