Thursday, March 02, 2006

"I try. Lord, how I try."

There is this guy, Mick, who binds freaking books for a living. He's got a dog, a motorcycle, every piece of photographic equipment ever invented, and a million demonic toys. They are the toys that nightmares are made of, if know, you just had nightmares about toys. He uses them brilliantly and I hate him for burning them into my brain.

Every now and then when looking at his blog, I think, 'Hey! That's SIMPLE! I could do that!' If, you know, only I had some little toys from an insane asylum, some camera gear from a small private German collection, and the eye of a genius. That's all I need.

Check out the evil bastard if you haven't already. And leave a comment. He hates that.


  1. TOO damned funny! I about pissed myself.

    Nice effort by the way.

  2. nice toy there...
    wht is tht?

    this set of pictures...hmmm
    i dunno...
    the focus thingy...
    u have to brush up your skill jkirlin...
    for macro...
    macro of objects

  3. Can't sleep! Little weird guy will eat me!

    Thanks, J. Thanks a bunch.*

    *Kidding. Excellent. As always.

  4. This is one of my all time favorite jkirlin photo sets. Almost better than the carnies, except that real live people aren't involved. Well, and then there's the whole GKirlin cute factor, which this set OBVIOUSLY doesn't have... but other than those miserly little withholdings, this is TOTALLY my favorite set. Very, VERY nice.

    Oh, and I'm off to bookmark the Bindery.

  5. These photos remind me of the Jamacian bobsled team.

  6. These are just super-great scary, Jeff. I really like the second one. HA. That "evil bastard" rubbed off on you.

  7. Insane asylums often have yard sales. Little known fact. You could probably pick up some toys there...

  8. Hey, now you are recycling blog posts? Love the bindery. He really gets that depth of field thingy. I have to read another photo book or five thousand.