Sunday, March 19, 2006


A Voyeur's Window to the World


  1. So cool. I want to collect antique keys, but Fodge said I'd have to get rid of the antique typewriters.

  2. very appealing light coming through there.

  3. I like this shot, It has a sense of mystery and intrigue. The cold light coming in from the keyhole. I also really liked your "moment" picture posted a few entries earlier.

  4. aughra: I'm with Fodge. Call me. I'll help you haul them away.

    jenn see: That's what I say to the cop who taps me on the shoulder, too.

    clarity: And *YOU* just made it onto the Gentle Viewer list of fame/shame. I was sort of pleased with the light myself, too. To bo honest I was TRYING to get what was on the other side (a secret now) but then the door was too dark so I allowed the keyhole to blowout. Although now I see I need to dust my keyhole. Does this happen to anyone else?

  5. Kinda like the Time Traveler's Wife... justa peek!

    The Tart