Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thursday Challenge: Black and White

A full color photo of the black barn next door as seen from my desk during a snowstorm.

It seemed too easy to just post a Black and White version of something that has natural color. Of course, sitting at my desk and taking this photo was no real strain either. Posted by Picasa


  1. there are so much things to be taken...from your desk..
    this barn..and the red one...
    the trees, the church?

    wow...cant be boring looking out the window yah...
    too bad mine was only apartment blocks..

  2. the snow on the roof look so FINE and light....

    when the day will come for me to see and touch????????


    the nearest snow available here is Korea... or may b cheaper to go china

  3. That, my fine, young, Gentle Viewer zbjernak, is WHY I live in a Castle High up on a hill. (Well, that and the aforementioned ease of defending something on a hill with axes and big rocks and stuff.)

    And you comment brings up another fine point. People often comment on how the Inuit has so many words for different types of snow and we only have one 'snow'. However, we also have adjectives. Heh heh. You wanna see snow? Check out Wrath of Dawn's Blog on my blogroll.

  4. The one, the only, never to be duplicated, folded, spindled or mutilated... WRATH O' DAWN!

    Hey, Kirlin! How ya doin'?

    Excellent photo.

    Thanks for the publicity.

  5. I love how soft the snow on the roof looks and the composition. Nice photograph.