Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sinclair Gasoline

I was explaining to Gentle Viewer and Excessive Breeder Cryden about a defunct oil company and gas station chain called Sinclair, he later, and to his GREAT delight, told me that Sinclair Gasoline Stations still existed. I thought they went the way of Flying A Stations and, well, dinosaurs. They have a little history of the Dino Logo here. (If Flying A Stations still exist, let me know! The Dinosaurs I feel good about)


  1. We have Sinclairs all OVER the place. You want a memento? Your wish is my command.

  2. i know of a sinclair station in kansas city, missouri. not sure about any down here in south carolina, but i wouldn't be too surprised by their existence....

  3. Sinclair... ah yes, I came through Sinclair, Wyoming a couple years ago. The oil companiy's refinery is still very much there, though I think it has merged with another company and markets under the Sinclair namje in some areas, like Texaco and Shell or Mobil and Exxon.

    Hey, where's ya snow up there. ah-yeh, Maine! Lived there all your life? Heh!

  4. Left you a picture on my site. :) Fresh with today's prices. How do we compare?

  5. tj: Get me a restroom key. I love those.

    duff: No, but in a small town called Micro, right off I-95, there is a little BP Station with a bench made out of a pork sign that has really good Diet Coke.

    mj: Well, except for when I lived out of State. :)

    tj: Cheaper. But we save money by not maintaining our roads so we can charge less taxes.

  6. i live in dallas texas.the last sinclair station i saw was in ardmore okla.