Saturday, March 25, 2006

Stones and Bones

Reposted for Pxite: Stone.

Your lowly and humble photographic servant would like to thank the TWO Gentle Viewers (One of which I think was me) who voted for Pxite: Library enabling a LOCK on a NINE way tie for SECOND PLACE!!!

First place ran away with THREE votes. OOOOH! I was sooooo close.

I'm honored to just squeak ahead of the FIFTEEN way tie for Third place of people who VOTED FOR THEMSELVES! (Which makes me wonder if maybe I voted for myself from home and work...Hmmmm).

And of course, I offer a 'Better Luck Next Time, LOSERS!' to the THIRTY ONE way tie for 4th place of people with too much pride to vote for themselves or who posted and never looked back. Posted by Picasa


  1. OK Next time I will vote twice for you... :o)...

  2. OH BTW Did you put the remains of your supper there?

  3. And next time I will just vote because...well...because I can! and yes... I do think you take rather interesting pictures!

  4. It's not really about votes. It's about hit counts.

  5. almp: So will I. Heh heh

    mp: A little KFC (PFK) leftovers artfully rearranged on the beach.

    c-: why thanks!

    gjw: That's what keeps me going.

    zb: Thanks...2 votes is a record high! :)