Sunday, March 19, 2006


They tend to accumulate.

Fourth in a series of 'Macros of Crap on my Desk®'

I was chatting with a photoblogger who wishes to remain nameless while posting these and mentioned that I think this series is getting stupid to which she replied "You realize it just now?"


  1. Anonymous MerlinprincesseSunday, March 19, 2006 9:51:00 AM

    They don't accumulate, they multiply!!!!! Just when you're not looking!!!!!! Mwhahahahaha!

  2. This is why I can never find any pens on MY desk!! I wondered where they all went.

  3. There never seems to be enough pens around my office, but at least now I know why; they are being sucked into the pen black hole located somewhere in Maine.

  4. haye,
    sad to say
    among all ur 'macro craps on my desk' post... this the worst!

    lighting not good, POV craps...

    perhaps is indeed as your series named... MACRO CRAPS on your desk!


  5. And did you ever notice... no matter HOW many pens have accumulated, the first one you reach for will never work. And the percentage of non-working ones to working ones increases exponentially... must be some corollary of Murphy's Law.

  6. They can say whatever they like about "Micro craps on your desk" (Gotta love ya, Zbjernak) but at least you have catagorized piles of crap, i.e. it's not just one big pile of glass&peanuts&pens&coins...thought that would be an interesting shot. One more for the series, methinks.

  7. a mp: When a friend saw this drawer of pens she said "You have a problem" and I said..."it's not a problem. You just slip them into your pocket when you are done"

    tmt: Yep, right here. Come get...ONE.

    shade: pen blackhole is MORE than apt.

    zb: HARSH, BRO! I'm not falling for it THIS TIME. You love these pens. Admit it.

    wrath: I KNOW! Then I throw them right back into the drawer thinking it might write later.

    tore: now THAT is a challenge my OCD will NOT allow. Although you are right, it's almost required.