Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sea Glass

Some people find sea glass on the beach.

Losers! I found mine on eBay.

First in a series of 'Macros of Crap on my Desk®'


  1. Oh wow, Jeff. You could be in competition with yourself on this one!

  2. I look forward to this series as long as it doesn't include a picture of actual crap on your desk. ;)

  3. If you really wanted some seaglass I could have let you have some. I have tons that I have collected on the beaches of MDI.Most of it came from the little beach on the other side of the old salt water swimming pool next to the Bar in Bar Harbor.It would have saved you some cash;)

  4. EBAY! Come on! Are you crazy!

    The FUN is not to HAVE those!
    The FUN is to GO on the beach, SEARCH for it, and FIND some.

    It's just the feeling of searching for a treasury. To just walk on the beach and look to find one particular kind of object. Could be sea glass, stones, shells... Then, you return home, you open your treasure bag, you wash what you have found and... try to find something to do with that crap. I personaly have a very cute Zen Garden...

    As you can see, my crazyness is much more funny than yours. :O)

  5. ginnie: As I am with most things. :)

    calvin: Thanks.

    kalani: See the peanuts in the next post?

    3LK: But I would have missed out on yet another FINE eBay feedback. 100%! Thank you very MUCH!

    clo: You have you 'fun' on the beach, I will have it here behind the soft glow of my computer screen with credit card in hand. Wait, I'm describing my 'sex'. Now you have me ALL confused.

  6. Don't worry... I never had sex on the beach anyway...

  7. All that time I wasted in Maine looking for beach glass on Moody.
    Oh well, bet they don't have heart shaped rocks. One year that's all the tide threw out the week I was there.

    I'm with Clo, treasure has to be won not bought.

    P.S. How do you know your's isn't man-made?

  8. I find mine in the scrapbook section of Michael's.

  9. Is your seller from Nova Scotia by any chance. I had a big bag given to me one time from woman in NS. She was a stranger and thought I could use it...hmmm...

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