Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Thursday Challenge: Energy

This SHOULD read "You will get a call at 9pm from the local police after we call in your license plate number you pasty white middle aged ISLAMIC TERRORIST and if your Mom answers the phone you will be GROUNDED, YOUNG MAN!" because that is what happened. Well, except for being grounded. I answered the phone.

I have no beef with the oil companies. How can I? They have the oil I NEED. I LOVE them. Maybe in that same way that a battered woman loves her abusive man, but it's a form of love just the same. ExxonMobil, I want to worship at your oil soaked altar, I want to bathe in your Sweet Texas Light, I want to slather my pasty white middle aged body (see above) with your 87 Octane!

If you enjoyed this post, you can read more about it in Daniel Yergin's Best Selling Oil PORN Magnum Opus, The Prize. You'll be the better for it. Honest. I am.


  1. It is very liberating to admit that you are Big Oil's bitch, isn't it?

  2. I must admit I haven't been here in a while. I've missed your great pictures and witty comments. Daniel posted an "oil addiction" post a while back:

    I love that you were Mr. On The Spot for the fire. I bet you got there before local news people. Do they call you and let you know when things are going down in Maine?! You seem to be front and center for cool stuff.

    I also love the Crap on your Desk series. The pens made me giggle.

  3. it's scary what happens when you take those sorta photos.
    i have several refinery photos that i'm certain have put me on some sorta gov't watch list...

  4. gosh...
    tht is something i hate abt efficiency

  5. Jeff, seriously, you need help, man. :-P