Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Thing of the Moment's Annual Ice Report®

Friggin lake's still frozen.

Check back next year for The Thing of the Moment's Annual Ice Report®


  1. could skate on it?
    u know like how the King Kong did it?
    or fish on it?


  2. Wow! Did you throw that big rock in the top picture!
    King Kong ?

  3. OK. I'll bite. What lake is this? In the third photo you can see what looks like cell phone or TV towers on a mountain in the background, plus some kind of solid tower (I don't think it is a fire tower). I don't think there any lakes on Mt. Desert Island that have a nearby mountain with such things on them. The fire tower on Beech Mountain, visible from the south end of Long Pond, is wider. So, it's probably on the mainland. Graham Lake, maybe?

  4. zb: I could skate or fish on it if I skated for fished. :) Actually, a large part of the lake is open and I've heard of a couple of ice fishing shacks that needed to be rescued but not on this lake.

    sidney: It was about the size of a large melon. I'd like I tell you I threw it FAR FAR out into the lake but *ahem* it stayed pretty near the shore.

    Yeah....King Kong? ZB?

  5. Tom W: Very Close. Phillips Lake as seen from the pubic boat landing between the Beach Club and Camp Capella.

  6. Ahh! I know that lake. The very picturesque one on Rt. 1A with the super ritzy Lucerne Inn on its eastern shore. It just looked so bleak in winter that I did not recognize it.

    I'm surprised that the environmentalists in Maine allowed those TV or cell phone towers to be built in such a scenic spot. Here in upstate NY, they've been fighting a battle to put a tall cell phone tower disguised as a pine tree on the eastern shore of Lake George. They've nicknamed it 'Frankenpine'. UGLY !!!

  7. I submitted this photo of my Ice Thickness CHecker to PhotoFriday: Technology.

  8. ahh... these pictures remind me of why i like the deep south... no snow, no ice, and it is considered cold when it gets to 65degrees F. :)