Friday, May 05, 2006

Alewife Net Trap

Trap Net Definition and Conditions
For the purpose of this definition a “trap net” means a funnel-shaped net designed to intercept and retain fish in a confined space.
1. A trap net may have a box, or area of confinement, no larger than 100 cubic feet.
2. Netting used in construction of a trap net may be no larger than 3/8 inch bar mesh (3/4 inch stretch mesh). Each trap net will be equipped with one or more escape panels with larger openings designed to allow the escapement of fish smaller than six inches (6”) in length. These escape panels shall not exceed more than 1 square foot in total area.
3. No more than two trap nets may be placed in a single water body under this permit.
4. All trap nets shall be clearly marked with one, or more, buoys and the owner’s name and address shall be clearly placed on at least one of those buoys.
5. Season: Trap nets shall not be immersed prior to April 1 and must be removed by Friday prior to Memorial Day weekend.
6. All trap nets shall be tended at least every other day and all non-target fish or animals must be released, unharmed back into the water from where they came.
7. Trap nets must be fixed gear and may not be placed in a river, stream or brook in such a manner so as to block, or obstruct, more than 1/3 of the wetted width of the stream channel. Trap nets must be a minimum of 50 feet apart.
8. Trap nets, or any portion of these nets, may not be placed within 150 feet of any dam. They also shall not be placed so as to obstruct boat launch areas, boating channels, swimming areas, or other areas used by recreationists.
9. Any unwanted dead fish must be immediately removed from the area and disposed of in a legal, safe, sanitary manner.
10. It is illegal to transport aquatic plants or fragments of aquatic plants. Permittees must remove plants or plant fragments from all nets and gear before leaving the waterbody *

Additional Conditions: No alewives shall be harvested (and nets should be closed to avoid capture of alewives) between 6:00 am Thursday and 6:00 am Sunday. Applicant will provide catch data when requested by Department of Marine Resources.


  1. I have never seen nets like this before..great images and I found the info quite interesting! you can learn a lot from photoblogging! cheers ;)

  2. What's an "alewife" and what are they doing in the river? I have an "alehusband" but I'm more of a "cocktailwife" myself. How about you, Josephina?

  3. This is your version of Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch"?