Wednesday, May 24, 2006

When EXACTLY does the 'Thirty Second Rule' Start, Anyway?

Reworked and reposted for Thursday Challenge: Ground


  1. Thirty second rule doesn't apply to candy (or homemade cookies)

  2. And I thought it was the FIVE-second rule all this time! Dang!

  3. i think my favorite thing about gummy bears is that they always seem like bright little jewels...of gumminess.

  4. I agree with TMT. Just dust it off and enjoy. :)

  5. Wow, you are liberal with your second allowances. I grew up on the 5-second rule!

  6. wrath: One Mississippi, Two Mississippi...

    tmt: Sweet! There are some cookies under my desk from Christmas!

    ginnie: 5? are still chewing what didn't fall out of your mouth at 5!

    jenn see: No, YOU are a bright little jewel of gumminess!!

    min: It was more suck on them and then wipe the samd off my tongue and enjoy but I certainly did. Nice to see you again btw.

    round: Everything looks nicer when beautifully compositioned.

    erik: But you were raised by WOLVES!

    dawn: They were until I got my tongue on the ground. I didn't want to touch them with my fingers. That's gross.

    malnurtured: *chew*slurp* Sanks!

  7. gummy bears only appear cuddly in reality they have a vicious and rigidly enforced caste system.

    my brother who just became a nurse tells me they don't have the 30 second rule in the hospital. go figure...

  8. monkey: food stays good indefinitely??