Monday, May 22, 2006

Masonic Hall Fire - Bangor, Maine

Back when I was a wee little baby lowly and humble photographic servant there were old Masonic halls burning down after days of sub zero temperatures allowing the water to freeze on contact with the cold brick ALL THE TIME. Now it hardly ever happens.


  1. Wow! That's such a crazy picture.

  2. You rock my world, and you make me laugh out loud. Two very impressive things for a tattered old scorp like me. :D

  3. That is a totally incredible photo, Jeff! It hardly looks like it could be real....

  4. Whoa! that must have been a cold day!

  5. damn global warming, stealing away photo ops...

  6. Wow, amazing photograph. We never get severe cold like that here in Kentucky. If so, somebody get this idea and start burning down everything just to see the water freeze.

    Love your pictures. Just looked at the last week or two via Bloglines. All 1,452 of them. :)

  7. caryn: It's those Masons. I'm telling ya.

    Toady Joe: There is NOTHING funnier than a burned out Mason Hall. :) I'm just glad you can appreciate it.

    ginnie: real cold.

    daniel: And available through The Thing of the Moment's Online Catalogue of Awesome Pictures For Your Viewing and Reviewing Pleasure.

    anon: And night!

    jenn see: Can you rephrase this in a way that I can easily turn into a flirtng innuendo like I usually do?

    mark: I'm glad you were able to catch up. I hope you nitce that you are only not at the top of the blogrool because I added your name to the 4 x 6. You are still at the top of my heart. Or something.

  8. great photo...!

    I'll bet a lot of weird stuff happened back when you were a baby lowly and humble photographic servant. In 2006...

    Not like nowadays.