Monday, May 29, 2006

An Official Ray Boston Kazoo

The only musical instrument I ever mastered. A Member of the Brass family, I believe. Ray Boston used to play bars in New England in the mid 80s. He'd leave a pail of these on stage and you could go up and buy one for a buck and be part of the Ray Boston All Kazoo Review.


  1. Kazoos! That takes me back to my mis-spent youth. Good times.

    Nice shot.

  2. Official, even. Whoa. I'm sure it's (not) a collector's item. ;-)

  3. MJ: Back to the time of Raccoon Coats, Rudy Valee on the Victrola and 23 SkiDoo. I know, me, too.

    dawn: It'll soon be available on eBay. Bidding starts at 24.99 or BuyItNow 99.99 *Free shipping!*

  4. i never thought that when i'd be in my mid-20s in new york i'd be surrounded by...

    people with many kazoos.

    sometimes i find them hidden around my house after people have gone...

    plastic ones, mostly, though.
    not fancy shiny special ones like yours...