Monday, May 01, 2006

A Sure Sign of Spring...

is me running from my office and screaming like a girl when a bumble bee gets in.

Sure, laugh...but it was BIG! The actual life sized image wouldn't fit on your monitor. I had to make it smaller. Oh..and that buzz. That death threatening buzz. And the broken glass from where it broke the window to get in. Oh, the broken glass! And it killed the other guy in there with me. Did I mention THAT? It ate his HEAD! THAT was why I screamed when I think of it now. And it wasn't really a scream. It was more of a..umm...growl! Yeah!


  1. And did you take this with your Canon S2 IS? If so, I can hardly wait for my S3!

  2. So if I understand it well, you took the pic while running and screaming like a girl? MMM.... Interrrrrresting image I have into my head! :)

  3. I want to see you running like a girl from the office:-) Funny.

  4. no wonder there were reports of earth quake in maine...

    now i know, u running = earth quake! hehehe

    but this bee looks retarded...
    are u sure it is nasty?
    i think it look retarded... and posh.
    look at the fur coat it is in... tht is posh and luxury...