Sunday, May 28, 2006

On the Level

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

If so I am blatantly flattering Frank at :photoschau. When I saw his 'off-level leveled level', titled 'Crooked', I had one of those "Hey, cool!" followed by "Damn, I wish I had thought of that!" moments. As many Gentle Viewers know my most original ideas are usually lifted from someone else. Sort of like Newton saying that if he sees far it is because he stands on the shoulders of giants. Frank's photo can be seen here.

As I think about this, maybe we could make these a new meme sometime. Find an image you like, try your own hand at the subject, post it and link back to the original.


  1. You didn't copy him. You did a cover version.

  2. Good idea! I think we all come across the same things in our lives

  3. The interesting thing about this photo is that it is wrong. Well, at least the way it is pictured is wrong: there is no way that bubble should be like that on that angle. But, then again, I guess that is what makes it interesting :-)

  4. I like the colour in yours better.

    Both photos have "wrong" bubbles but hey! that's art!

    I like this even more because it reminds me of my father, who was always fixing or building something with much use of what to me as a small child were fascinating toys... I'll never see a spirit level without thinking of him. Thanks for the memory, Jeff!

    Will have to attempt this shot. Not sure my "oooo clicky" camera is up to it...

  5. Stealer of intellectual properties! Omigod! You should be turned in to the thought police.


    Heh. ;-)

  6. I actually like yours better. Maybe it's the light underneath.

    ...or the dust.

  7. Cryden: I'm a photographic tribute band! *holding up my lighter*

    Svetlana: All Levels Unite!

    Rick Lee: Now let's not get into a pissin contest. That's like saying you like the Bee Gee Sgt Pepper better than the Beatles. Although, I have to say I like your take on Blogger at You go, Man!

    Anon: I left it in the freezer overnight.

    Wrath: I left it in the freezer overnight. Everything thing I do only REMINDS you of something. Doesn't this one REMIND you of a photo you saw at :photoschau? :)

    dawnL Turn me in to Haris Pilton so he can tell me how Grandioso Boring it is. :)

    spk: The dust makes it. That's why I painstakingly photoshopped it in. When I saw Frank's, I said to know..with a little dust....

  8. I'm game, lets try it. Bring on the hot models J. :)

  9. are SO funny! ;-)

  10. cal: Yeah, I thought the next photographer I'd imitate would be Bob Guccione.

    dawn: Grandioso funny. :)

  11. I do like yours better and I am not just saying that cause we're related ;).I think its the vibrancy of your colors.

  12. i like the colors in yours...but the other is somehow more soothing, more at peace with a crooked world...hmmmm.

    okay then...for the meme...who picks the photos? or is it DIY?

  13. Well I think they're both amazing photos. I'm just beginning to find my wings and someday,,,,