Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Post Regrets

It's ALWAYS happens! I just finish posting an faux multi exposure image of the Moon and I TOTALLY forgot about this image I took from my faux spaceship! Dang! Posted by Picasa


  1. ooooh...moon.
    how'd you get your camera to shoot through the telescope like that?

  2. Great shot, this needs to be on one of those posters in offices that read "inspiration" or "no limits" :)
    btw my word verification was EVILA.

  3. Cal, Evila is Jeff's nickname... And nice pic taken with your faux telephotosuperzoom!

  4. What is "faux telephotosuperzoom" ?

  5. Or so I thought: Aren't they??

    jenn see: No Telescope. Just raw naked photography. Well with my faux supertellozoom thing.

    calvin: Stop being philosophical. I did and all I got were nastygrams. :)

    mp: It's EvilO, EvilA is my seester.

    anon: A feature of Canon Cameras that offer a 150000 mm zoom. It's sweet. Nikons don't have it so Calvin gets mean about it.

  6. Hey! I got a similar shot from my faux spaceship, but during the day :)