Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fiddleheads to Ferns

Posted for Green

Congratulations again go out to the mysterious PIX66 who has won first place with his first 2 entries and maintains his 90% winning percentage at Nice work contest moderators. :)

I'd also like to congratulate him in advance for his upcoming Photo Friday and Macroday Wins and any other vote based photomeme. GO PIX66!


  1. Oh, I miss fiddleheads. Yum! There are none here. Grrrrrr! Except frozen McC**n's. I suppose they'll do, but you can't beat fresh.

  2. those are some badass, primordial ferns.

  3. You know you can eat those, don't you? They taste kind of like peanuts. (Ha! You probably thought I'd say they taste like chicken.)