Monday, May 01, 2006


The hardest part about this shot was not tripping over the rail ties while running backwards. Posted by Picasa


  1. The LARGE version of the image made me dizzy. Very cool image.

  2. We certainly wouldn't want you to end up a pinched penny!

  3. This train was coming or going?

    I grew up with a train running behind our house and in school the teachers would tell you horror stories about kids playing chicken or standing too near the train so they got their legs cut off so you would keep off the tracks.

    A teenager committed suicide there and we were following around the cop who was there with the firemen and told us they had to scrape his nose off the tracks. Now there's a horror story!

    So dont stay too close or you'll lose a leg or your nose.

  4. Hee! We used to have to cross over active traintracks to our dorm in college, after parking at the municipal lot. And whenever we saw one coming we had to yell 'TRAIN' like in Stand By Me. Or put up one hand and scream, like the chick in Footloose.

  5. I think they have a medication that will help you with your little problem :)

  6. LOVE IT! So cool except I am beginning to feel light-headed and barfy. Is barfy a word, hmmm it is now!

    One of my favs!

    The Tart
    ; )

    Pssssssst. Come to the Library Park at my pink place, want UR thoughts, pleaze?

  7. yeh, this type of effect is best view small...
    the large one... na... not a fan

    but nevertheless good shot, and good angle...i m not sure how u did it

  8. jenn see: ack!

    shade: It IS sort of trippy, isn't it? You should see it on my Panasonic 103 inch wall sized monitor.

    frank: Thank you, Sir. And for your frequent visits. I am humbled.

    gustav: And that has nothing to do with this photo, does it?

    ginnie: We don't?

    merlinprincesse: You tell her. Hey...waaaaaaaaait.

    jmdomel: Yeesh...that can't be good.

    aughra: I know the Stand By Me Thing but the Footloose thing is lost on me and I'm not renting it to find out. :)

    mj: dramamine?

    Tart: I never get invcited to pink places anymore. :) Thanks!

    zb: The absence of an ambulance is also a good indicator.

    ALL: Ok, but ONLY because I child was recently hit and killed by a train after he tripped trying to get off a trestle, I will tell you the deal with this photo...

    Hint: In order to find a photo like this you must find a train that is SLOWLY BACKING UP. That's all I'm sayin. And now that I know there are railroad police, you ALSO need a VERY LONG POLE on which to reach out your camera from OUTSIDE railroad property.

  9. Very cool effect. It makes me dizzy to look at it.

  10. Seriously, it has such a cool effect of shaking you up and making you dizzy.
    It's amazing to see how your brain responds to this.

  11. Wow. (Yes, that's it. Just 'wow'.)

  12. very nice jk!

    so were you zooming (or unzooming) the lens at the same time? i'm definitely going to steal his idea also.