Monday, May 15, 2006

Will You Put Us On Your Blog?

Why, yes I will.

This is my neice, Sara, with the black line coming out of her head and these are her friends sans black line.

She is graduating from High School this year and tonight was her last Chorus gig. I've been going to her 'last' things all year. I think it's important I go because nothing will measure up to those heady end-of-High-School days.

My college graduation was boring so I skipped it. Graduate school graduation was a yawn so I just got my degree in the mail. My Nobel and Pulitzer ceremonies were SORT of fun. But NOTHING can top High School graduation.


  1. NObel and Pulitzer were sort of fun?

    I love you.

  2. Thank you, I'm sure all my friends will enjoy!! Are you gonna skip MY graduation too?? I hope not!! Hey thanks for coming by the way!!

  3. The Pulitzer was for blogging of course.

    (I like it when word verif doesn't work and comes back with a more difficult one.)

  4. I hope they enjoy looking back over those "last" photos someday. I skipped my B.A. graduation; went backpacking in the desert with my mom instead of suffering through the June humidity in Ohio. Two weeks later I started my masters program at the same university, so it was almost as if I hadn't graduated.