Saturday, May 27, 2006

Another Reason to Harrass People into Quitting Smoking.

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  1. That's pretty disgusting! Nice try J, but I vote for Pix66..lmao

  2. wayne: So it's YOU who has been voting for him. Well, and him, of course. :)

    anon and dawn: A State Legislator was trying to pass a nickle deposit on filters. I thought it was a great idea. Wearing a hat lined with tinfoil to keep the NSA from reading his brainwaves limited his credibility. And the worst part? IT WAS MY HAT! (Did I just think that outloud)

  3. i'm a smoker, & this still drives me batty.

    i tend to hang on to the things until i find a trash can...although not so much when i'm in a moving car, i admit.

    i feel shame.