Sunday, May 28, 2006

Introducing: Svetlana Tazhetdinova

Back when I was a wee baby lowly and humble photographic servant I only forced my photos on people I knew rather than ther public at large. One of these unfortunate souls is the lovely Svetlana Tazhetdinova (nee Kohkryakova). She encouraged me by printing and framing several photos to post in the offices of the I. Mylnikov Co in Angarsk Siberia. My ONLY showing in Angarsk Siberia to this day! However, I think it may be my last. Svetlana has figured out that if I can do it then she can better it. She's also entered some Photo Memes which now means she is no longer a friend but a fierce COMPETITOR! Heh heh.

Stop by her site, take a look around and say 'Privet.'

P.S. She's not a Russian Mail Order Bride or anything but only because my check didn't clear the bank. :)


  1. Jeff, you are confusing me

  2. Apparently, your brand of confusion is now international - well done.

    The name Svetlana rocks.

  3. svetlana: It's because I talk too fast.

    wrath: Oooohhhhh.... ;)

    shade: Thanks. Only the Maori truly understand me and then only some minor dialects. And you are right about the name. She was using Ginger but I told her that Welsh Ginger an Asthmatic and Lady owned the rights to it.

  4. The Wrath of Dawn: this is he who ought to pay ME for popularization of his art outside the USA :)

  5. Sveta: I think she meant to purchase you as a mail order bride. If it's ok with Igor, that is.

  6. Jeff, I'm not a very good purchase :)