Friday, May 12, 2006

Lemon Peppermint Stick Quiz

1 Lemon + 1 Hollow Peppermint Stick = _______?

A: A Refreshing Drink

B: A Sneaky Way to Introduce More Fruit Into Your Diet

C: Hours of Peppermint Stick Envy

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  1. I'm gonna go with C. I have low self esteem.

  2. According to FoodTrivia.comthese are called Lemon Sticks in Baltimore.

    Cryden: Ain't she?

    Calvin: As well you should.

    Jozee and Billy: Is it the lip or tongue? :)

  3. Such a pain in the arse getting the dust out of your lemon. At least this way, you don't even need a bag.