Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ask and Ye Shall Receive. Round 2 Open Closed

Prairie Girl recently took a FAR SUPERIOR PHOTO of this pen and told a little story about it prompting me to IMMEDIATELY comment and tell her that I wanted it. She emailed me back and told me that I didn't because it was just a cheap disposable and the ink had all dried up and what does it say about Germans that they produce disposable fountain pens ANYWAY?

That made me want it even more. And truth be told, I also wanted the ridiculously valuable paper she has used as a background for it and other photos but if I have learned anything in this life, Gentle Viewers, it is how far one can push a Prairie Girl. Instead I asked for a coin and she graciously included yet ANOTHER pen that doesn't write AND one of the seed pod things seen immediately below the pen photo.

Now HERE if the stuff that legends are made of. I propose that in the spirit of Prairie Girls' generosity:

1. I will mail it to the first person who asks and will provide, of course, a mailing address. P.O. Boxes are OK, you bunch of Paranoid Gentle Viewers.
2. Given that I have taken the lamest photo of it, (I set the bar the LOWEST), YOU take a photo of it.
3. You post the photo, refer back to THIS post which will in turn refer back to the original post...and the next person refers to you...and on and on...

It should be easy enough to find when this chain thing stops.

Who's in? Indicate in the comments and email me your mailing address.


  1. Ooh, ooh, I'm first! Yay, I never win anything. And, and - I now have a camera, so I can play.

    Aaah, life is good

  2. Oh Oh! I want in too! I'll use my new MACRO lens on it..oooh yeah.
    I'll mail you my address now. As long as you promise to ONLY USE IT FOR GOOD. =)

  3. Unfortunately Prairie Girl only sent one pen which goes to Billy this round. Now we keep an eye on her blog and ask for it when she posts her photo of it (or ask for it BACK) Heh heh.

  4. Oh!!!

    Too cool Kirlin! I just love this idea you have and I really look forward to CB's (and others') photos.

    Somehow I'd really like to see the pen get to MP, she'd probably stick it her ear and take a pic. And wouldn't that be ever so cool! (I mean as long she didn't stick in the pointy end and hurt herself :-)))

  5. LOL. :o))))))) I would never have such a strange idea, PG. Instead I would keek it.... MINE MINE MINE. Just joking... Nice idea Jeff! Can I send you my address anyway??? LOL.


    Erik Claus
    The South Pole

  7. Argh! Can't believe I missed that! Was busy with Santa! I realised that it was not a good idea to capture him, he gave my address to all his "lutins"(alfs? goblins? trolls?). OH! Can't hear "Jingle Bells" anymore! Now, I'm out of cookies and I missed that contest! I feel like Charlie Brown...

  8. P.S. Don't give the pen to eric, he will *eat* *eat* *eat* it.

  9. Ok, it's off to Chemical Billy who TOTALLY OUTSIDE THE RULES will give it to Varla who will in turn mail it TOTALLY OUTISDE THE RULES AGAIN to MerlinPrincesse after getting her address in Quebec City where it will sit...wait..Heh heh....I'm sure CLO will get it next, and then she'll send it to one of HER Gentle Viewers, putting some serious miles on that pen.

  10. On january, I'm on vacation. I'm sure to get the pen. :O)