Tuesday, December 20, 2005

DING! DONG! DING! DONG! Christmas Bells are RINGING

It's funny after 40 some Christmases discovering a Christmas song you hadn't known before. Today's is 'Caroling Caroling' by Nat King Cole.

This is the steeple of the Hammond Street Congregational Church. They began lighting the belfry after a recent renovation. I'm not sure if it's historically accurate but I like it anyway.
As some Gentle Viewers may know, this is a view from my apartment. I am posting it for Soon-to-be Gentle Viewer and Coworker 'Miss Vicky' who is convinced that my life consists of taking photos, putting them online and hanging out in my apartment. (Yeah? So?) She has even developed a series of signs for me. Miming using a camera, typing, then pointing to me, then a gesture best dscribed as the "Safe" call from baseball. Quite fitting.

And given this view, some Gentle Viewers may ask why I live in such a Burgermeister Meisterburger setting high above the town?

It's easier to defend.


  1. That's a great song and this is a great photograph. Almost makes me want to live with snow. Almost.

  2. I had to put a scarf on. It made me a lil' cold.

    I'd totally chill in your apartment with you... and then we could get big axes or maybe some rocks and defend the shit out of it!

  3. Great photo. Where else would be bestest burgermeister meisterburger photergraferburger live?

  4. you deleted my comment?
    i had commented on this picture...

    i so gonna REPORT to santa about this...

  5. laanba: Snow is SWEET if you are inside.

    Steph! THAT IS THE EXACT TYPE OF KICK ASS DEFENSE I WAS TALKING ABOUT! EXACTLY! Big Axes, Maybe Rocks! And Defend the shit out of it!!!

    wrath: Only at the Chateau de burgermeister meisterburger photergraferburger!

    zbjernak: Never! You commented on it at Flickr! Bassett does that, too! I'm trying to break him of it! It's like watching a play from backstage! I'm not the biggest fan of Flickr like that but it does offer kick ass storage and organization.

  6. You're like a "Rear Window" photographer.

  7. I love this photo. Weird, but first glance reminded me of the scene in Mary Poppins when they're jumping from roof to roof cleaning chimneys.

    ....maybe it's just me.

  8. or the coldmiser...
    very rankin-bass model shot indeed...

  9. kj: Is it my broken leg or my Jimmy Stewart good looks?

    amy: Its you...or the chimneys. ;) Hey, ummm...email me.

    jenn see: And what do we know about Rankin Bass? I prefer to think of it as a Rankin Bass Money Shot.

  10. Another nice one. You turned it blue with picasa ay?

  11. Jeff, I used a section of your picture as the heading on my blog. Please let me know whether or not you're okay with that.

    Paul H.