Sunday, December 04, 2005

Next, your Christmas Bonus wasn't enough or in existence, you didn't get the right gifts last year, you didn't have fun at your Holiday party. JKirlin would rather have a tooth filled than go to a Holiday (Formerly Christmas) party because at least his dentist will give him Nitrous Oxide. Boo Hoo, Gentle Viewer!

You have to focus on thing like people hanging pretty decorations on their homes for you to enjoy until May, that other random people may pretend to be less grumpy to show their fake Holiday Cheer, or at the very least, that TNT will be running it's annual A Christmas Story marathon. (As long as you didn't spend your cable TV money on gifts)


1 comment:

  1. watched a marathon of old Rankin-Bass christmas specials yesterday.
    i wasn't feeling particularly holiday-y before ("it's too early") but if that won't do it i don't know what will.