Saturday, December 17, 2005

That Dock in Hulls Cove Again (Coaxing the Moon to the South)

This image is a little better balanced.
I was telling Gentle Viewer Merlinprincesse that the the plastic animals photo came from moving them around when I realized that you could get them to all look at a common low point, except for the little pig which was looking up, so by moving him, it all fit together nicely.
Well now if she is concerned about the lonely Christmas tree, as she can now see, it is being looked upon by the moon.
Update: Laanba from Ars Nova threw down the gauntlet and said she prefers the other one to this one. She also called me a 'stupid head' (Ok, not in so many words) Let's geeeeet reeeeeeady to ruuuuuuumble! Vote in the comments! 1 yea and 1 nay so far.


  1. I like 'em both. Being just as shallow, I also just like the pretty pictures and don't read anything into them. In the words of Homer Simpson, "MMMmmmmmm... picture...."

  2. Yep. Better balanced. But still, the little tree seems so lonely...

  3. Super! The atmosphere in this one is great!