Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"I Don't Care What You Take Pictures Of..."

...He replied gruffly and returned to his book.


  1. Hey, Agent Orange: HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS!!!!

  2. It's jkirlin's birthday! Balloons, cake, candy, clowns (Mr. Security Guard would be fun!) and many, many, many happy returns!

    Verification word woe -
    tksokevz - who is kev z and why am I thanking him?

  3. This is cool, I like it, and I like you sense of humor, too!!! LOL

    Mary, IMAGIK

    my verification word is nlawtdie which deems to have some odd significance. Ignore the law and die or escape into the forest!

  4. Hehe, what a funny old man. What was he reading?

  5. jkirlin birthday?
    is it?

    happy birthday to u...
    so can the cake accomodate all the candles? huh?


    best wishes to u

  6. "don't care what you take pictures of"; sounds like he's asking for a up-skirt to me...

    I mean, he meant it as a dare, right?

  7. i guess he missed the "how to charm the customer" day at government employee training camp!!
    happiest of happy days my dear friend!! xxxoooxxx

  8. Is that REALLY your birthday??? My! A big smooooosssshhhh to you! Hee Hee. :o)
    And this stupid verification word is not in my Webster again. What does tmzqgors means???
    Oh! And this is the usual funny pic at its best!

  9. kj: thanks!

    wrath: I'm scared of clowns.

    taittems: It's twisted but gets me by.

    erik: Joyce.

    bassett: No, my Dad would have said "get that &$%$%ing camera away from me."

    zbjernak: Yes, all 16.

    MONKEY! What he meant was, "If I wasn't so engrossed by this Joyce I'd kick your ass, but as it is..."

    *kk*: He's retired Govt now working at the track.

    merlinprincesse: It really IS my birthday. And tomorrow, too! And the day after that...send gifts!

  10. Sorry about the clowns. I don't like 'em either. 'Cause I can't sleep. 'Cause the clowns would eat me...

  11. Everybody worth knowing is afraid of clowns. Except for this guy, who apparently isn't afraid of anything, even an up-skirt photo.

    So - do we get one?