Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Thing of the Moment's Annual "Stuck in a Blizzard I Can't Get Out Of"® Photo

But like when I can't sleep, I had the camera to play with!
NOTHING moved for 45 minutes. I COULD have passed time with "Nurse Jackie, the School Nurse®" who was stuck behind me but after walking back to see her, it was CLEAR she didn't consider that an option.
And YOU are the luckier for it. Yes you, Gentle Viewer. Yep, you...right there. Not the others. Just you.


  1. Wow! I love so many things about this shot. The red tail lights, the curve of the line off into the distance. Great job Kirlin!

    P.S. I would much rather to look at this picture than to experience it. Stay warm!

  2. Silly "Nurse Jackie, the School Nurse (what is the code for that frackin' registered trademark thingy?)"

    But yes, I am luckier for it, because that picture is fabulous. It's gonna happen to me all too soon, but still, fabulous.

  3. THIS, JKirlin, is just one of the many reasons I left the Great State of Maine!!

  4. 6th, Bitches! Hmm ,just doesn't have the best ring to it does it JK? :))))


  5. Something tells me Nurse Jackie made a poor choice. Unless, of course, Nurse Jackie's husband was also in the car. ;)

  6. Man, we didn't get it as bad as you did!

  7. It does seem that "Nurse Jackie, the School Nurse®" missed out on bedding a celebrity. What? JKirlin is a celebrity - at least in the minds of all us Gentle Viewers!

  8. so envy...
    dunno why
    just envy..for u have all the snows...
    seriously i wish to be stuck during the blizzard...because have never experience it before...
    at least is cold...

    try here... we stuck in traffic jam... under the hot-oven-like sun... hehehe

  9. laanba: It IS damned near perfect, isn't it? However, your Church in the Hurricane shot was better! Check it out, Gentle Viewers, click her name!

    wrath, toady joe and leigh: In fairness to "Nurse Jackie, The School Nurse®" she might have noticed that I had missed lunch, AND had no way of knowing how long we'd be there, and well, now I'm not SAYING anything, but maybe she made the right choice.

    anon: And I know all the others.

    peen: PEEN!! (Peen never comments)

    aughra: It's ALWAYS just you!

    erik: You got it bad, admit it.

    zbjernak: I'm not buying. I saw your pedestrian shots. You don't see THAT walking by the side of the road in a blizzard.